Unbelievable: Netflix it or skip it? [Spoiler free]

The #MeToo movement sparked a global outrage against sexual predators. However, as time passed by, it was found that some women falsely accused men for no reason at all other than ‘internet popularity’. It becomes extremely difficult for the police to differentiate the truth from falsity.

Netflix presents Unbelievable an extremely well-made cop drama revolving around the sexual assault of a teenager. The story is based on actual events that took place in Lynwood, Washington – in the year 2008. The detectives assigned to investigate the case of the teenager, mishandle the situation and end up breaking the girl down.

For the purpose of the TV show, the creators of the mini-series named the girl ‘Marie Adler’. However, it’s been reported that the real-life person also has Marie in her name – it’s believed to be her middle name. The first episode of the eight part ‘mini-series’ completely focuses on Marie.

The hero cops

Cop-duo that solves the case

Cop-duo that solves the case

As the show progresses, new cops are introduced and new sexual assault victims are also identified. Two women cops are the heroes of the show; they start looking into similar cases as of a victim in Colorado. One of the cops mentions that they were able to connect the cases because of pure luck.

The serial rapist is a smart person who takes extra precautions so as to never get caught. He attacks women of different states in the United States of America (USA). The original cops completely dismiss the case by stating ‘there is no evidence’. However, the cops from Colorado believe the victims even in the case of barely finding any evidence.

Should you watch it or skip it? Unbelievable is a gripping cop-drama that keeps the viewer hooked till the end. It also throws light on how diligently cases of sexual assault must be handled. It’s a show people of different genre-likings will appreciate. Binge-watch it!

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