Unbelievable: One UI 5.1 on the S23 Ultra consumes 58 GB of space!

The information about how much space each operating system would occupy is a constant debate. According to SamMobile, the One UI 5.1 on the Indian version of the Galaxy S23 Ultra used 58 GB of storage space although the European model only occupies 38 GB. So, the bloatware apps that come pre-installed with the smartphone in India occupy 20GB of memory, which is huge.

One UI 5.1 on the S23 Ultra consumes as much as 58 GB of space which is huge!

Below, in descending order, is a list of some smartphone’ system space requirements, for comparison.

  • Galaxy S23 Ultra: 37.97GB
  • Galaxy Z Fold 4: 34.81GB
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra: 34.14GB
  • Galaxy A52s: 25.86GB
  • Last generation OnePlus: 20.6GB
  • Pixel 7: 19GB
  • Pixel 7 Pro: 18GB
  • 9: 17.1GB
  • POCO X5 Pro: 11.02GB
  • iPhone 14 Pro: 9.62GB

Despite the fact that this rating is undoubtedly incomplete, a pattern is clear. With the exception of iOS, it is simple to observe how various smartphones have software that is essentially the same, even customized ones with an occupied capacity that ranges between 10 and 20 GB. On the other hand, the One UI 5 consumes 25 GB on the mid-range A52s and double the amount of software on the new S23 Ultra.

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There is no denying that the software is one of the most complete—if not the most complete—of the ecosystem, but we start to wonder if the system‘s weight cannot be entirely justified by the extra capabilities offered. Enough to indicate that Windows 11 takes up between 17 and 26 GB and MacOS Ventura roughly 13 GB (to which, however, the space for restoring the operating system is added). Is it really necessary for Android 13 with One UI 5.1 to take up so much space? We will soon get reviews about the capabilities of One UI 5.1, but until then, we invite Samsung to develop a diet plan for One UI 6.

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