Unreleased white Pixel 4a prototype leaks on Google’s Instagram video

An Instagram story by what is viewed as Google’s Instagram account called the official Made by account, has given us glimpses of the Google white Pixel 4a. The Google model is currently available in only two color variants – Just Black and Barely Blue colors but closer scrutiny of the short video clip could reveal hidden hints that Google may have actually got plans to release the 4a in a white variant. There were rumors about this in January this year.

After some delays occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic that engulfed the whole world, the mid-range Pixel 4a was unveiled in 2020. It initially came in a single color and the second color variant was added subsequently. So, it might seem that could soon release the white version of the Pixel 4a, although the device shown on the Instagram story feed seems to be a bit different from the Pixel 4a.

has already slated August 2021 as the launch date of the high-end Pixel 5a and it is unlikely that a white Pixel 4a could be launched before the August rollout of the 5a 5G, although might have other plans up its sleeve.

One of the visible features that indicate that the phone shown on the video isn’t exactly the Pixel 4a is the orange power button. The button bears a closer semblance with the 3a but the square-looking camera bump differentiates it from the Pixel 3a which came out in 2019. Close industry watchers have claimed that the device could be a prototype of a yet-to-be-released Pixel smartphone, looking at the finish and the bright sheen.

The Instagram Story post is still available on the account but could be pulled down anytime. The video has been downloaded several times, though, and is now available outside Instagram. Some users who had seen the video have commented that it could be a Pixel 5a smartphone that was displayed, highlighting its similarities.




Via: gizmochina.com

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