Upcoming Qualcomm chips will support India’s NavIC Satellite Navigation System

In an effort to enhance location services in the country, American chipmaker Qualcomm has announced support for India’s Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) in some of its upcoming chipsets. Accordingly, future chipsets from Qualcomm with make use of India’s NavIC constellation which is comprised of 7 satellites that will help in improved geolocation capabilites of connected-automobiles, smartphones and IoT devices in the country.Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 Series

The co-developed solution wasy successfull tested for the first time on the 19th of September. Besides, the two partners i.e Qualcomm and ISRO (India Space Research Organisation) are showcasing it at the India Mobile World Congress which is currently ongoing in the country.

In terms of reach, this geolocation system/solution can fully cover India and can even extend to regions that are as much as 1500 kms from the courtries borders. It is capable of providing real-time positioning to the on two different levels which include the following:

  • Standard positioning system: It is meant to be used by general public (accurate upto 10 metres)
  • Restricted service: It is highly encrytped and can only be used authorised users, the indian government, in this case. (accurate upto 0.1 metres)

The following statement was made by Dr K Sivan who is the chairman of ISRO

NavIC is a critical step forward in our pursuit of harnessing space technology for national development and we are eager to make it accessible to everyone for their day to day use. ISRO is very happy to work with Qualcomm to enable NavIC on Mobile platforms. Qualcomm’s technology leadership and support for NavIC on their mobile platforms will bring the benefits of this indigenous solution to every Indian.

As previously mentiond, support for NavIC will be made available in select Qualcomm chipsets starting November 2019. Accordingly, commercially available chipsets with this technology can be seen in the first half of 2020.

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