Verizon 5G Home Internet Expands to Two New Cities

Verizon announced this week an expansion of its Home Internet service, bringing the -powered goodness to both Dayton, OH and Jacksonville, FL. If you already live here, you know how beautiful both of these cities are, but don’t you think they look even better with 5G? We think so.

Customers with qualifying mobile plans can get a Home plan for as little as $50/month, while customers without a qualifying plan can get in on 5G Home for as little as $70/month. With 5G Home, expect download speeds averaging around 300Mbps, with max download speeds set at 1Gbps.

If you need a bit of convincing to try out Home, Verizon is offering a Smorgasbord of free trials and goodies: If you sign up and qualify, you’ll get Disney+ for 12 months, AMC+ for 12 months, a free Nest Hub Max, plus a one-time $100 credit off your bill.


Check Home Availability Here

// Verizon


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