Verizon 5G Home Internet Fires Up in Milwaukee and Tampa

Verizon’s Home Internet service is now available in 30 markets, thanks to the addition of two new markets: Milwaukee and Tampa. If you aren’t aware, the highlights for 5G Home include up to 1Gbps speeds, plus the fact that there are no data limits. The downside is that it runs on Verizon’s UWB network which is hard to find.

You can use Verizon’s coverage map to get an idea of maybe where Home is available in these cities, but as you’d expect, it’s pretty limited. You’ll need to input your address to see if your house is truly covered.

If interested, you can get Home service for $50/mo if you’re already a Verizon customer. Should you sign-up, Verizon is including a free Stream TV box (it runs Android TV) and 12 months of Discovery+.

If interested or want to check your address, hit that link below.

// Verizon


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