Verizon Galaxy Note 10 Lineup Receives February Patch Ahead of Google Pixels

Verizon is shipping out the latest security patch, February’s, to the Galaxy Note 10 lineup from Samsung. I’m not sure if anyone else will appreciate this like we do, but is not continuing to crush the update game? ’s Pixel phones aren’t even running the February patch yet, expected to see them next Monday most likely.

The only thing listed in the update is that patch, but if you happen to spot anything else that’s new following the update, feel free to let us know.

New Build Numbers

  • Note 10: N970USQS7GVA1
  • Note 10+: N975USQS7GVA1
  • Note 10+ : N976VVRS7GVA1

Have at it.

// Verizon [2] [3]


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