Verizon Has Big, New Prepaid Data Plans and They are All $30/mo Off

Verizon revealed a whole new set of prepaid data plans today for those who need connected tablets, hotspots, and routers. They now go all of the way up to 150GB of data per month, but the bigger news for today is without a doubt the discount that Verizon is including for the time being.

The new plans start at 5GB and top out at 150GB of data per month. They also have 100GB and 25GB plans, all of which replace the previous 6GB, 16GB, and 30GB line-up. Without a discount, you could pay anywhere from $40/mo (5GB) to $100/mo (150GB), an amount I’d argue isn’t worth it for the data. However, there’s a way you can get into all of them for $30/mo cheaper.

Verizon is currently running a promotion where all prepaid data plans are $30 off each month. The requirement to get that deal is only one where you already have an active prepaid line of some sort. So, that could mean you already rock with a prepaid phone account or have another prepaid data plan for another tablet or hotspot or something. Adding another data plan then gets you the $30 off.

At $30 off per month, the breakdown looks like this:

  • 150GB for $70/mo (normally $100/mo)
  • 100GB for $50/mo (normally $80/mo)
  • 25GB for $30/mo (normally $60/mo)
  • 5GB for $10/mo (normally $40/mo)

Be aware that both the 150GB and 100GB plans have access to Ultra Wideband and allow you to stream to devices at 4K. The 25GB and 5GB plans only get HD streams and no Ultra Wideband support.


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