Verizon LG Velvet Gets Android 11!

Apparently all it took for Velvet to receive Android 11 was LG shutting down its mobile business. In all seriousness though, the 11 upgrade is indeed headed out to owners of the device on Verizon, which is great news. It could be the last major update you see for a while, but LG did promise more updates recently. We’ll see about that.

Inside, with 11 onboard, you’ll have sweet things like notification bubbles for your messaging apps, an updated camera experience, changes for the settings UI, plus changes to the overall look of the device. You can see other changes to LG’s Android 11 build here, as it should be quite similar to what rolled out to the V60.

Once updated, you’ll have software version G900VM20a.

Enjoy, Velvet owners.

// Verizon


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