Verizon Renames Its Unlimited Plans for 5G, Adds More Hotspot Data

Verizon is preparing to expand their Ultra Wideband coverage in the coming weeks, which could lead to a situation where your phone will finally see faster 5G speeds and a “5G UW” or “5G UWB” logo. To help bring awareness to that fact after announcing that “100 million people in 1,700 cities” will have 5G Ultra Wideband later this month, Verizon is also rebranding its unlimited plans and giving folks more hotspot data to play with.

The new plans all fittingly have “5G” at the starts of their names, so we now have Start, Play More, Do More, and Get More. These are the same plans they previously had only with new names. They used to be called Start Unlimited, Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, and Get More Unlimited. See, they just dropped “Unlimited” and added “5G” to the start.

And seriously, the plans basically haven’t changed, as far as their details and features go either, outside of the hotspot stuff. We still have prices that start at $70/mo and go up to $80/mo and $90/mo for single lines. The Start plan has lots of limits and no permanent freebies, while the Play More and Do More plans remain the same with bumps in hotspot data from 15GB/mo to 25GB/mo.

The biggest change is probably in the Get More plan, where hotspot has gone up from 30GB/mo to 50GB/mo. Verizon is also suggesting this plan now has absolute unlimited premium network access with no slowing. Hopefully, they can truly deliver that. T-Mobile and AT&T added truly unlimited options last year.

Verizon is hoping to move on from their C-Band drama shortly to give everyone a better experience. Once they do, you may want to look at one of these freshly named plans, assuming you’ll be consuming lots of fast data. I made the switch not long ago because they offered so many freebies with it.

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