Verizon Unlimited Prepaid Plans Now Come With Free 6 Months of Disney+

Verizon announced today that it is now offering six months of free Disney+ membership to those who sign up for one of its Unlimited Prepaid plans, which start at $65/month for those who are curious about this offer.

Verizon states that once the six months is up, subscribers who wish to continue watching all of the Star Wars and Marvel goodness will need to pay the $7.99/month price.

For you pricing people, those who intend to use an Unlimited Prepaid plan for 5+ months will have their monthly price come down to $55/month thanks to an Auto Pay option and instant discount, and then for those who use it for 10+ months, it’ll cost just $50/month. For an Unlimited plan on Verizon’s network, that wouldn’t be bad at all.

Now you can watch Turning Red on Big Red. Nice.

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