Verizon’s 5G UWB Expands to 5 New Markets, 5G Home to 3 New Markets

Verizon’s is continuing its spread across this beautiful land of ours, popping up in new markets this month. Five markets are getting access to 5G Ultra Wideband (UWB), while three markets are getting Verizon’s 5G Home service. With the addition of these markets, 5G UWB is now up in a total of 87 markets, while 5G Home is in 57 markets.

Below you can view the full list of new markets for each service.

  • Home New Markets
    • Birmingham, AL
    • Fort Wayne, IN
    • Oklahoma City, OK
  • UWB New Markets
    • Jacksonville, FL
    • El Paso, TX
    • Dayton, OH
    • Scranton, PA
    • Tacoma, WA

If this is great news for you, you’ll want to go to Verizon’s site to check if your specific area within these markets is UWB supported. Not every inch of the cities listed gets access. As for 5G Home, it’s quite competitive in terms of pricing. Give it a look.

Not bad, not bad.

// Verizon


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