Video Conferencing Headed to Telegram

Telegram, arguably the best messaging service currently available, announced this morning that it is soon to launch video conferencing on its platform, a great addition considering many other chat and messagings apps are looking at bolstering their video options. With still many having to socially distance, it’s good to have a video chat every now and then.

According to the announcement, which is very brief, everything from screen sharing, encryption, noise cancellation capabilities, as well as desktop and tablet support will be included once launched some time in May.

Kellen and I recently started using Telegram for our day-to-day operations. We then started a little page on there where we can post important site updates and articles. It’s nothing crazy, but we also have a beginnings of an amazing Droid Life sticker pack. You better join us on there.

Video conferencing is sweet. We’ll let you know once it’s available.


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