Visible Expands Party Pay Plan, Adds eSIM Support and More

Visible continues to expand the number of features and benefits that are included when you choose their service for your wireless needs. With their Verizon connection, I can’t imagine they’ll slow down any time, which means it’s going to be harder and harder for many of us not to consider switching to them.

In a dump of updates announced today, Visible tells us that is really here now, that calling to Canada, Mexico, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico has been added, that eSIM support is active on select phones, and that Party Pay lets you add more users than ever.

For 5G, they actually launched this for select devices back in January (at no extra cost), but they have expanded by selling the Galaxy S21 with 5G. It also appears that Visible will let you bring your own -capable phone, you’ll just need to run through their IMEI checker to make sure it’ll work.

Visible’s eSIM support is currently limited to a bunch of iPhone models with plans for device support soon. For those not familiar, an eSIM is an embedded SIM card that you can program to a network without ever swapping a SIM card into your phone or needing to head into a carrier store. It’s a brilliant technology that more companies have begun to adopt in recent years, thanks to manufacturers including eSIM in phones.

And finally, Visible has expanded their Party Pay feature to “an unlimited number of people.” Party Pay used to be capped at 4 people and could bring your monthly payment down to $25/line for Visible service. With Visible now allowing for unlimited, you better go out and find some friends who need super affordable service that works on Verizon’s network.

Don’t have more than a couple of friends? That’s OK! Party Pay drops Visible’s monthly price to $35/line with 2 people in a party or $30/line with 3 people.

Ready to try out Visible? Sign-up here.


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