Wave Goodbye to Discomfort: Logitech Wave Keys Keyboard Unveiled

In April of this year, Microsoft announced the discontinuation of its affordable PC accessories. That includes the Microsoft ergonomic keyboards. And if you are unaware, these keyboards were standard for those who wanted the greatest typing comfort in workspaces. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have any premium options left. Take the Logitech Wave Keys, for example.

It’s a recently launched keyboard from Logitech. The keyboard prioritizes ergonomics more than its other keyboards. Logitech says the Wave Keys keyboard will deliver unparalleled comfort at your desk. And to deliver that claim, Logitech has implemented an ergonomic-focused design.

A Closer Look at the Logitech Wave Keys

To deliver the ultimate comfort, Logitech Wave Keys come with a signature wave design. This design makes the users place their wrists, hands, and forearms in a natural typing position. And by doing so, the design promotes comfort. Also, as the keyboard has a standard layout, you don’t even need to relearn typing techniques.

Besides, the Wave Keys come with an integrated cushioned palm rest. This palm rest provides day-long palm support. And the great part is that you can get it in three different color options. So, it’s not like you have to ruin the aesthetics of your setup for integrating this keyboard.

Wave Keys

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The Logitech Wave Keys also bundle with the Logi Options+ desktop application. With it, you can configure the key mapping and set shortcuts. These will enable you to enhance your typing comfort even further.

On that note, the Wave Keys has similar outlooks to the discontinued Microsoft ergonomic keyboards. But that’s quite expected, as Logitech applied the same basic ergonomic principles. So, if you were bummed about Microsoft’s decision to drop its keyboards, you should definitely consider Logitech’s new keyboard.

Wave Keys Design

Logitech also has approval from US Ergonomics on the Wave Keys. The US Ergonomics is a health and safety organization. It promotes better health and posture in work and productivity environments.

And if you’re wondering, the Wave Keys is now available for buy at $59.99. It comes in Off-white, Graphite, and Rose color variants.

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