We Can’t Yet Use Android 14 DP2’s Best Feature: The Emoji Wallpaper

With the release of a fresh developer preview for 14, we’re seeing add in a ton of new features, some of which aren’t yet accessible unless you’re handy with the coding. I, personally, am not handy with the coding, but thanks to Mishaal Rahman, who is in fact handy with the coding, we’ve learned that is working on an Emoji Wallpaper. Honestly, this silly feature is what has me most excited about 14 DP2 and I can’t even use it. Brutal.

This feature allows users to create a wallpaper using emoji of their choosing. Unlike the 13 east egg, which can look chaotic and like a total mess, this Emoji Wallpaper is clean and monochromatic. Let’s be real, the highlighted wallpaper above with the turtle and clouds? Yeah, that’s super dope.

According to Mishaal, the feature will let you pick your own emoji, the color, and the pattern of the paper. You can have up to 14 emoji selected for any paper, but for me, I think less is more. We don’t want a bunch of emoji clutter now, do we?

The main issue currently is that we aren’t 100% sure if intends to launch this wallpaper option with 14. It’s currently hidden behind developer flags, but from what we can tell, it seems nearly ready for launch? Who knows what ’s plan is for it. All I know is, I want it and so do you.

Give it to us, Google!

Via: droid-life.com

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