WebDo Website Builder and Marketing Apps Review

WebDo Website Builder and Marketing Apps Review

What makes a good website builder? What are the criteria to look for when choosing the right builder for your business? We decided to answer these questions while reviewing a newly-launched website builder – WebDo.com – and its integrated marketing apps.

A good website builder should be first and foremost – intuitive and easy to use. This is an important aspect considering that web builders’ audience is made of people with no coding or design knowledge who want a quick and affordable solution for building an online presence.

Secondly, a wide array of pre-made templates that are responsive and beautifully designed is also a feature to look for when browsing for the best website builder solution.

Price and hosting features are also important criteria to consider and compare in order to choose the most suitable one for your budget and needs.

This being said, at a first glance, WebDo seems to tick all these requirements. Let’s take a more in-depth look at what it has to offer.

Website Builder

With this builder you can either start from scratch or choose from over 100 free responsive templates. It comes with a user-friendly drag and drop website builder, so you can build any type of website you want by just dragging and dropping the sections on the screen. You instantly see the result and any changes you make, for fonts, colors and more, appear live on the page. This makes editing pre-existing templates a lot easier too.

WebDo offers an all-in-one solution for you, with hosting, domains, web drive, web mail, marketing apps, and more, on top of the website design tool. This means you won’t have to worry about the technical aspects of running a website.

To assure you that your site will be live always and run smoothly, this platform uses CLOUD web services that are an upper layer on top of the infrastructure services offered by Amazon AWS and Digital Ocean.

What about the integrated marketing apps?

What about the integrated marketing apps?

This is the best part. You can integrated, with just a couple of clicks, any of the apps currently available on the platform: Survey, Newsletter and eDetailing.

With Survey you can receive feedback and answers from your clients by sending them surveys. The apps is intuitive and very efficient, including some cool reports with charts and graphs, for easy understanding of the survey campaign results.

Newsletter will help you catch leads and turn them into paying customers for your business. Create forms, campaigns, send emails, all from a simple dashboard.

eDetailing is an innovative app that helps you build interactive presentations and send them to potential clients. You will be able to get detailed reports on how your potential clients have used the presentation – what buttons and links they clicked on, what was the exit slide, and more.

If this quick overview has sparked your interest, you should know that WebDo comes with a free plan that includes a 30-day trial for all the apps, access to the website builder, 2GB storage space, 3 websites hosting, an email account and 2Gb bandwidth. If your needs increase, you can upgrade to the $24/mo Pro plan with just a click.

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