Well, This is the OnePlus Watch

The Watch will launch alongside the OnePlus 9 series next week and I can’t help but wonder if all of the excitement around it is now gone. After confirming that the watch won’t run Wear OS, we now know that the Watch will be a bigger version of the OnePlus Band, with a fitness focus and little smarts. It should be somewhat affordable and with solid battery life, but the appetite we had at the idea of a true smartwatch from OnePlus has left.

But let’s say you are fine with that! Maybe you don’t need a full-blown smartwatch and instead need something to track health and fitness metrics, while at least showing you notifications? Then today is a big day for you.

Here’s a picture of the Watch, which is slim, round, has a couple of buttons, and will sport a rubber watch band that should be great to sweat in.

The image was shared to Twitter today and it has revealed a wearable that looks a lot like this one from Amazfit. I know I keep comparing the Watch to devices like that, but that’s exactly what this is. The OnePlus Watch is not a smartwatch. The OnePlus Watch is a fitness tracker in a round watch case that shows you notifications.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with that, there is just a bit of disappointment in the idea that isn’t going to try and bring us the Wear OS watch we’ve always dreamed of. We know they are working with Google on some level to address Wear OS concerns, but man, what a downer.

Can eBuyNow save Wear OS? Oh god, I can’t believe I just typed that out.

Via: droid-life.com

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