What is the Cyber Threat Intelligence and How To Secure Your Digital Finance World?

What is the Cyber Threat Intelligence and How To Secure Your Digital Finance World?

Many financial organizations have implemented several tools to ensure security online. The over-hyped Bitcoins in 2017 reached their climax when they became the epicenter of cryptocurrency. To this data, online currencies have been in speculation as to the means of payments with all the right reasons. The sustainability of such payment methods is only possible after the belief of values. However, the finance world’s security is yet an open question to many.

In no industry, the subjective perspective of security is as important as it is to the finance industry. Large corporations and private users are increasingly making transactions online, which leads to the protection of digital finances. The financial sector has also acknowledged the fact that security needs focus and appease the apprehensions at some point.

Compliance to the legal laws are is a must. Almost all industries depend on the financial sector

So it is increasingly important for businesses to ensure the security of the customer’s and partner’s data. However, it is of no surprise that the budgeted security and privacy tools become more important over the years. As far as the digital transformation is considered, some organizations have their security operation centers that stay vigilant to respond to any threat and optimize the cybersecurity of the company.

Since blockchain is thought to be safe till this day the speculation of it being unprotected is causing uncertainty in the cryptocurrency world. IT decision-makers should keep encrypted protocols in mind before they think to transform established currencies. The transformation of the digital currency needs implementations and security tools to need their own specific teams.

The Route from Information to Intelligence

The SANS institute investigated that the latest developments in the cyber threat trends are depicting a bad future for financial companies. In response, financial companies are exploiting cyber threat intelligence to counter the adversities of a possible threat.

National Cyber Security Centre often issue reports and feeds on cyber threats. Similarly, a tool like Security Information or Firewalls also collects large amounts of data that can be used to combat the threats and give a situational picture of what would happen if a cyber-attack happens. The amount of information that the organization tends to collect is huge, and it grows its volume as more and organization take part in countering cyber threats.

It is important to work collectively and strep away from the manual evaluation in individual fragments. Build a strategy and understand the dangers and the extent of the threat in your own system. The IT teams in financial sectors need to have a compare check of different sources. Since there is no agreement between different sources and teams, then the work can be inefficient, but little management can help you increase the network infrastructure and make it more complex.

Available automation is needed to curate the actionable intelligence which is perfect for an organization to head up the cybersecurity threat.

Building your Own Threat Library

It takes a lot of tools to set up your own threat intelligence library. However, financial companies are already acquiring the technology to implement the said change. Information from the industry association is playing a vital role in analyzing network traffic and how to incorporate them into the intelligence process.

The challenging step, however, remains to build a cross-platform which would be named as a library. The information has to be aggregated automatically and normalize but not duplicated. The library serves as a priority to the company, which is there to be checked by means of the scoring system. It is also a single source of truth for all teams.

In terms of the security personnel, the department needs an incident response with security teams with the side aid form IT operations. They need to coordinate in their actions. Since these two departments are positioned differently, thus it comes down to the managerial prospects how they will bring these two in one arena.

The estimated time for results depends on the size of a financial organization and the capability of the service providers. Proper management in threat management is a need of time; Since the cyber threat is really threatening, the question remains that how vulnerable your own company is, or how strong can it defend itself if it is affected.

Understanding the Situation

The threat intelligence needs to be curated, and the survey respondents should recognize the benefits obtained from the entire security operation.

Coordinating with the security teams has proved to be vital, in almost 90% cases, the accuracy and speed of eliminating the threat have improved. Security threats often disturb the user experience so while combating with the threat itself, it is required to pay ultra importance to what users perceive about the product.

Since banking and finance are heavily dependent on customers trust, there is only one thing that the customer seeks, which is the sense of security. Players in the finance industry should have a good understanding of the overall situation in order to react to threat properly at all times.


The cyber threat is real, and it is affecting the financial corporation at large. It is time to act and counter the potential adversities of a cyber threat. A lot is at stake, including a hefty sum of money of your customers and clients so be wise and make wiser decisions.

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