WhatsApp began testing the ability to change the speed of audio messages

WhatsApp allows you to change the playback speed of voice memos since the beginning of this year. The messenger is now beta testing the same playback speed control for audio messages.

An audio message is a voice memo redirected by the user to another chat. During the transfer process, the ability to change the playback speed is lost; despite the fact that the recording remains the same. Now WhatsApp is testing a button that allows you to speed up the playback of audio messages by one and a half or two times.

It’s worth noting that Meta’s messenger is pretty slow when it comes to introducing new features. Therefore, it may take some time before the controls for the playback speed of audio notes appear in WhatsApp for iOS, and then in the version of the application.

The feature to play voice notes using different playback speeds was a huge success. After releasing the feature on WhatsApp beta for and WhatsApp Messenger beta for iOS updates; WhatsApp is now working on a new version of the feature, making it compatible with audio messages.

WhatsApp UWP Beta Appears on Store

Developers from Meta (until recently Facebook) are preparing to present a UWP version of the popular WhatsApp messenger for Windows 10 and Windows 11. This is evidenced by the appearance in the Store of a beta version of the desktop version of the service client. We are talking about a full-fledged WhatsApp UWP application; with support for handwriting input via a touch screen or stylus, modern design and other features.

Prior to this, the desktop version of WhatsApp relied heavily on the web version of the service and used the Electron platform. In fact, users through the application connected to the web client; and the QR code scanning method was in use for authentication. In the case of a UWP app, users will be able to access chats without connecting to the web version of the service. Also, the application is a full-fledged messenger client without web components, which will certainly affect the messenger’s performance.

It is expected that the UWP version of WhatsApp will not only provide better performance; but also provide better support for sending voice messages and video calls; for which you can use a headset or built-in microphone. The new app will also support backups, notifications, custom chat settings, and more.

At this stage, the developers have made the beta client of WhatsApp available to the general public. We do not know when a stable version of the messenger may appear in the Store.

Via: gizchina.com

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