WhatsApp for iOS Gets Improved GIF and Sticker Selector

WhatsApp for iOS users can now enjoy an upgraded version of the popular messaging app. The latest update brings a slew of new features, including a new GIF and sticker selector.

After a brief beta testing period, the new feature is now widely available in the App Store. With the new selector, users can now easily choose stickers or GIFs with larger item sizes. The selector also features new buttons at the top of the selection page, allowing users to choose between GIFs, avatars, or stickers.

WhatsApp for iOS Gets Major Update with New GIF and Sticker Selector

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The search and avatar configuration buttons have also been completely redesigned, with a new categorization option added. This new design makes it much more user-friendly and intuitive to find the desired stickers and GIFs.

Whatsapp users liked the update and welcomed the new features. It’s now much easier to express themselves with a wide variety of stickers and GIFs. The larger item sizes make it especially convenient for those who have difficulty navigating smaller icons.

To access the new features, users simply need to download the latest update from the App Store. The update is free and is available for all iPhones.

The update is a significant improvement over the previous version of the app. The new design and features make it much more enjoyable to use, and the categorization option makes it easier to find specific stickers and GIFs. With the new selector, users can now easily express themselves in a more creative way.

Overall, the latest update to WhatsApp for iOS is a welcome addition and a significant improvement. Users can now enjoy a more user-friendly and intuitive app with new and exciting features. We highly recommend that all users download the update to experience the new features for themselves.

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