WhatsApp is Working on Another New Interface for Groups

WhatsApp continues its dedication to add more features to the messaging app. This time around, the company is focusing on making some few changes to the interface. It may not bring many changes to the interface of the app. However, it definitely adds to the value of life since it makes navigation a lot easier.

WhatsApp is trying to make the Settings interface a lot clearer and intuitive. This update focuses on the interface of Groups Settings. According to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is preparing to roll out the new interface to all global users. Currently, the update is only available to select beta testers, but it will gradually become available to more testers in the coming weeks.

Details of the New WhatsApp Interface Changes WhatsApp Interface

As we have mentioned already, this new interface makes things a lot easier in Groups Settings. WhatsApp is finally taking off the extra window that opens whenever a user taps on option in the Settings page. So, instead of opening new window, users can now make all the changes on a single page. It is all about tapping on toggle now.  This saves a lot of time since the user would not have to open and close new window any time they tap on an option.

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Apart from this, WhatsApp has also given extra power to group admins. There is a new option for group admins to decide who can add new members to the group. It is up to the group admin to decide who gets this privilege.

WhatsApp has recently said that it is dedicated to improving the overall user experience of the app and not just about adding new features. This very update will count as one of the ways of improving the user experience. The company is trying to improve the visual appeal of the app to a more modern look.

WhatsApp Interface

Availability of the New WhatsApp Interface Changes

At the moment, the new interface is available to a few beta testers. Beta tester can access the new feature by updating their app to the latest WhatsApp beta on the Play Store. The company is currently expanding its reach to more beta testers in a few days. After a month or two, the feature should be available for all global users.

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