Why ChatGPT made Elon Musk angry!

Elon Musk, an American billionaire, was a major contributor to the initial funding of OpenAI, a non profit artificial intelligence research company, alongside other Silicon Valley fundraisers in 2015. Musk sat on its board of directors and even shared its presidency with Sam Altman. However, in 2018, Musk left the team amid tensions around the company's presidency.

The Reason Behind Elon Musk's Anger Towards ChatGPT

According to anonymous sources cited by Semafor, Musk no longer believed in the future of OpenAI and believed that the company had fallen too far behind 's incredible progress in AI. He had a ready made solution to remedy it. He wanted to take control of it, to become its only boss. Altman and Greg Brockman, also co founder and now chairman of the company, refused to see Musk take power. The billionaire then left the board of directors, officially for a “conflict of interest”.

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Musk pledged to donate a billion dollars over several years to the company. But OpenAI never saw the color of this money. Which it needed to cover the giant costs imposed by the training of its AI. According to the economic newspaper, it was Musk's lack of funding. But also the emergence of “transformers” technology. It's a revolutionary – and expensive – deep learning technique introduced by Google in 2017, which pushed OpenAI to radically change credo. In 2019, OpenAI inaugurated OpenAI LP, a for profit company. Four months later, in July 2019, OpenAI revealed an “exclusive partnership” with . With an investment of a billion dollars from the software giant.

Musk has still not digested this switch from a non profit to a for profit structure. Which he believes was caused by his departure. He even cut off access that allowed OpenAI to use Twitter data to train its models. Sam Altman, on the other hand, completely denies the accusations of Elon Musk. “We are not controlled by Microsoft, they don't even have a seat on the board of directors. We are an independent company,” he proclaims. And as for the end of “all open source,” he also has a justification: “I don't think it would be good to make GPT-4 open source, for example. We can't rule out the possibility of it making some havoc in the world.”

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