Why you need a VPN and which one to use

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The internet is a catalog of vast information, but in recent years the issue of cybersecurity has been one of the major concerns of using the internet. Ensuring confidentiality on the internet, countering cyber-attacks by hackers and protecting data online have become one of the major talking points by internet users.

As a result, many turn to VPN (Virtual Private Network) to become anonymous when connected to the web-based on the diverse privacy and security features offered by the VPN service provider.

What is a VPN?

To put it in perspective, imagine the Internet as a huge machine, with multiple pipes connecting all the computers and servers in the world. Inside these pipes, water flows. Then, the VPN slides an airtight pipe inside these pipes. Therefore, you will always have access to other computers and servers. Your water does not mix with that of other pipes and above all, it becomes untouchable for anyone who is not connected to your pipe. This airtight pipe is called data encryption.

Using a VPN is an easy and reliable way to protect your privacy and your online activities.  Despite the tons of VPN service providers online, only a fraction of internet users employ VPNs when surfing the web.

There is also a negative vibe towards VPN as a tool used by cyber-criminals and those of questionable motives to hide their locations.  However, if you want to surf the web anonymously, using a VPN is a must and we will explain why?

Why is a VPN essential?

Confidentiality of your Internet activities

Have you ever noticed that the advertisements offered by social networks or any web page change according to your previous research? You only need to have spent ten minutes comparing mobile phones on Google to find yourself with sponsored ads of different smartphone models on the four corners of your screen.

This occurs because your browsing patterns have been stored by the search engine and used to display ads. With a VPN, your IP address and all your communications are carefully protected by encryptions and can no longer be used by search engines.

Fight against cybercrime

Today,anti-virussoftware may no longer be enough to thwart the traps of web hackers. Indeed, these hackers take advantage of each flaw in the system to reach you and recover your files such as passwords, bank details and sensitive documents.

Also, hackers can access PC information to spread viruses or access devices within your internet connection.

VPN makes it possible to avoid all these setbacks. Indeed, even if cyber-criminals manage to access your data (which in itself is already very complex), it will be unusable due to the encryption capability offered by VPN service providers.

Safe access to all online content and services

In several countries around the world, certain sites and applications are censored and trying to access them can endanger the Internet user.  This is the case in countries like China, Iran and most of the Middle East countries. Also, some streaming platforms such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer restrict access to information according to the location of the user’s IP address.

So, whether for professional or personal reasons, VPNs help you to navigate as you want by hiding your IP address and replacing it with that of different servers across the world.

This makes it impossible for government authorities and geo-locked sites to identify where you are located.

What are the best VPNs in the Market?

Now that you have enough information on why you should use a VPN, we will be looking at the best VPN service providers in the market.  The VPN market is divided into two major types which are Paid and Free VPNs.

We do not recommend Free VPNs because there are records of users having their information sold to advertisement companies. After all, the service provider needs a source of income to continue rendering its services.

Paid VPNs are the best since they offer premium features and tons of servers as well as quality customer support systems. The three major VPN services we recommend are ExpressVPN, NordVPN and CyberGhost. These VPNs offer the very best features and have cultivated a reputation for quality services in the past decade within the cybersecurity sector.


In conclusion, a VPN protects your anonymity on the internet and is an important tool for you to have on your PC. But to benefit from this security and total confidentiality on your screens, it is essential that you choose a paid version with a stellar reputation. This will make you browse the web securely and you will be safe from hackers.

Maya Gul

An Author at Tapscape that keeps you updated with the latest Technology news.

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