Xbox PC Games, Call of Duty Coming to GeForce NOW

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, announced via Twitter today that Xbox has signed a 10-year agreement with NVIDIA that results in Xbox PC games, as well as Activision Blizzard PC games (that includes Call of Duty), coming to GeForce NOW.

This matters greatly for both parties. For NVIDIA, it’s more supported titles on its cloud-based platform. More titles, especially one as huge as Call of Duty, is never a bad thing. For Xbox, this allows greater access to purchased titles for players. With this support, GFN subscribers will be able to access their supported and owned Xbox titles wherever they may be via the cloud. Pretty sweet.

The only thing we need to keep an eye on is ’s acquisition of Activision. Should that deal fall through, this could all change, but Phil Spencer seems to believe that’s all going smoothly, so for now, we will too.

As for when this will all be available, the press release says that  and NVIDIA will “begin work immediately” to integrate Xbox PC games into GeForce NOW, by then allowing GeForce NOW members to stream games they buy in the Windows Store, including third-party titles where the publisher has granted streaming rights to NVIDIA.




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