Xbox Series S 2022 may feature refreshed 6nm AMD APU with higher Compute Units

A new report has revealed that Microsoft aims on refreshing both of its newly launched consoles late next year. The first to receive the refresh would be the cheaper Xbox Series S, which will apparently house a refreshed AMD APU that is based on a 6nm process with higher compute units.

The information arrives from a new video from Moore’s Law Is Dead (MLID) on YouTube. In the video, the tech based content creator stated that the Series S 2022 variant will feature a 6nm process that is a more refined version of the 7nm process. In other words, can expect to see higher yields that could allow it to offer 24 Compute Units from its Xbox Series S APU.

This is higher than the existing version of the Series S, which currently features just 20 Compute Units but has as many as 4 of these disabled to preserve good yields and to keep the supply of consoles more consistent. To put things simply, the noticeably higher Compute Units would allow for higher clock speeds, which the YouTuber claims can make the new Series S up to 50 percent faster.

Although, with higher performance, the a more expensive price tag is also expected. But, the Series S sits as an entry console so might launch this 2022 refreshed version for 350 US Dollars, which is about 50 US Dollars more than the original variant. Meanwhile, the older Series S model could see a potential price slash as well. MLID believes that the new lowered price tag could be somewhere around 189 to 249 US Dollars. However, that would imply that the company will continue selling both consoles together.




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