Xbox Series X mini fridge preorders will go live on October 19 for $99.99

Back in April 2021, it was reported that Microsoft promised to come up with the Xbox Series X mini fridge as a fallout of its success in the inaugural #BestOfTweets Brand Bracket Competition. Xbox had defeated Skittles in the final round of the competition and the company’s marketing director promised the unveiling of the Xbox Series X mini-fridge. In June, it was also reported that the products will be available within three months. In line with the projections, the Xbox Series X mini-refrigerators will now be available to preorder from October 19 for $99.99.

The Xbox Mini fridge is a compact refrigerator with space to hold a dozen drink cans as well as two shelves inside the door compartment. It has a DC power adapter as an additional layer of power options and its USB port at the front can be used to charge other devices.

The release of the Xbox Series X mini fridge is the final confirmation that indeed the April 1 tweet promising the product was never a fluke statement. Xbox has now matched its promise with action as the iconic mini-refrigerators are released. Xbox Series X mini fridge

The availability of the product is limited to the US, Canada, UK, and Europe and there are no signs that this could be expanded to cover other regions. The first shipments of the Xbox Series X mini-fridges will be in December 2021, with some distributional arrangements in place in the US and Canada (Target), the UK (Game), and Europe (Game Stop EU, Toynk, and Micromania).





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