Xiaomi 12 Pro will use a low-power second-generation LTPO 2K screen

has since confirmed that the Xiaomi 12 will not use the same display like the Xiaomi 12 Pro. The Xiaomi 12 Pro will come with a 2K display while the Xiaomi 12 will use a 1080P display. The reason for this is that the Xiaomi 12 is a small-size flagship smartphone. The battery size will be smaller and resolutions above 2K will have a greater impact on battery life. This will affect the stable experience of the device.

Since yesterday, Lei Jun has been unveiling official specs of the 12 series. Today, he has released some more information. According to Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun, Xiaomi 12 Pro will come with a second-generation low-power 2K screen. He claims that this display will be Xiaomi’s best smartphone screen presently.

The Weibo post also reveals that this display is a second-generation low-power 2K screen. This screen will use the new E5 luminous material, the second-generation LTPO material, Micro-Lens microprism technology, and support intelligent dynamic refresh rate.

Xiaomi 12 Pro

Judging from the previous posters, the high-quality flexible punch-hole display of the 12 Pro is from Samsung. Besides the display, the Xiaomi 12 Pro will come with a Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor. This device comes with a 50-megapixel main camera that supports optical image stabilization, and 120W super flash charging.

12 series compares to

It is worth mentioning that Lei Jun announced a few days ago that ’s high-end mobile phones have officially started benchmarking with Apple. Since then, the Xiaomi Vs Apple debate has been a trending topic on Weibo.

Lei Jun claims that the 12 series has a small and large model which meets the need of every user. The Xiaomi 12 is the small flagship model with a top-notch user experience and configuration. The overall feel of this smartphone is superb. As for the Xiaomi 12 Pro, it is the large display flagship in the series. Xiaomi considers the Pro model to be an all-round high-end flagship with the ultimate configuration and experience. ​​​​

According to previous reports, the 12 series will be lighter and thinner. The front will use a new COP packaging process, and the four sides of the phone will be further compressed. With the top center punch-hole and dual-side micro-curved screens, it has a very good visual effect.

The new product launch conference on December 28 will be co-sponsored by Lei Jun, Jin Fan ( Product Director, MIUI Head of Experience), and Wei Siqi (Xiaomi 12 Product Manager). At this event, the company will also release its latest skin, MIUI 13.

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