Xiaomi 13 Pro: Nothing Can Compare To Its Highness

Do you like the 13? Do you think it is better than the iPhone 14 Pro Max? Regardless of your answer, we have something much better, the Xiaomi 13 Pro. This is the best phone we’ve ever seen. Of course, we understand that Xiaomi has nothing in common with Apple. So the Apple fans will tear us to pieces for the words above. But this is Xiaomi, a brand that always reaches its goals. Looking at the Mi 13 Pro, we understand that it has all chances to overcome not only Apple but also Samsung.

Xiaomi 13 Pro specs


The look of the 13 Pro is a separate topic for discussion. It still adopts a curved surface design. Thus, the Pro model and the vanilla version differ a lot. As a reminder, the latter comes with a straights screen.

On the one hand, the curvature is not large and has almost no effect on the display effect. On the other hand, it greatly enhances the hand feel.

Xiaomi 13 Pro design

The phone carries a 6.73-inch 2K LTPO ultra-dynamic screen on the front. It has a pixel density of up to 522PPI and supports 10-bit color depth. It is adjusted piece by piece at the factory and is made of E6 material. The highest peak brightness can reach 1900nit. For those who don’t understand much when we talk in this manner, it still can show any content under solid outdoor light. This device also supports the latest 1-120Hz infinitely variable refresh rate.

There are various sensors on the front and back. Due to these color temperature sensors, it can accurately reproduce colors under any light. The 13 Pro screen supports 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming. It has even passed the SGS low blue light certification.

Xiaomi 13 Pro screen

The rear panel is symmetrical to the front. We mean it uses a quad-curved surface too. One of the versions uses ceramic material.

Plus, we still have the “Mountain Blue” color option of the standard version. It uses technological nano-skin materials and introduces a new silicone formula. It provides a plain leather feel. But the anti-fouling and anti-aging capabilities are greatly improved. We mean that oil stains, markers, lipsticks, etc., can be wiped off quickly.

13 Pro Camera

The main camera module differs from the previous models. It inherits the design of the Mi 11 Ultra. We mean, it looks identical to it, just without the secondary screen.

Even if you do not understand much about camera hardware, the huge lens size hints at its strong capabilities. It uses the IMX989 one-inch sensor. Yes, this is the lens used in the 12S Ultra.

The main camera also comes with ALD optical coating. It reduces the phenomenon of glare, purple fringing, ghosting, etc. This camera takes much better photos in terms of clarity and purity. It supports super optical image stabilization.

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The second camera lens is from the top echelon. We are talking about a 50MP Leica floating telephoto lens. It is made with reference to the SLR lens. It can achieve a focus range from 10cm to infinity. It also supports OIS. In simple words, with it, you can take close-up photos at any distance.

The third sensor is a Leica ultra-wide-angle lens. This is another 50MP ultra-clear lens that can record 115° images.

In addition, has also teamed up with Leica to create a super-color imaging system. Leica’s dual image quality is 25% higher than the previous generation’s color capture ability. So it can record more colorful real-world scenes, especially when shooting sunsets, rainbows, etc.

The Leica watermark, Leica filter, Leica shutter sound, and master lens package are all retained.

There is a self-developed imaging chip. But this time, it’s got better. Now, it has better fusion photography, faster shooting, and all-things tracking.

The 13 Pro comes with ideal video shooting features. It supports professional 8K video recording, 4K 60 Dolby Vision HDR recording, etc. The video stabilization is in place.


As we are talking about a premium smartphone, it needs to update performance with every iteration. In this sense, the 13 Pro has no reason to worry about a thing. It comes with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip like its sibling.

In addition, it also sports LPDDR 5X + UFS 4.0 storage specifications. This means that the phone is faster than ever. In various tests, this phone outruns the iPhone 14 Pro Max in terms of frame rate and temperature control.

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2

The Mi 13 Pro supports the new Wi-Fi 6 protocol, 4K QAM, and dual 5GHz WLAN acceleration for the first time. In effect, it has a maximum rate of 4.3Gbps. At the same time, the power consumption of the Wi-Fi subsystem is reduced by up to 30%.

The built-in 4820mAh large battery, coupled with the surging G1 chip, has an autonomy of 1.29 days. Thus, this phone lasts longer than your favorite iPhone 14 Pro Max. By the way, the latter is considered the longest endurance model globally.

Xiaomi 13 Pro charging

This phone also supports 120W wired charging, 50W wireless charging, and 10W wireless reverse charging. Simple calculations show that the phone can reach 100% in 19 minutes.

What else

The Mi 13 Pro also has an IP68 rating. Thus, it is not scare of rain or pool. Other than that, it supports full-featured NFC, infrared universal remote control, and other functions.


There are up to four storage options. The 8+128GB variant is 4999 yuan ($718); the 8+256GB is 5399 yuan ($776); the 12+256GB is 5799 yuan ($833); the 12+512GB is 6299 yuan ($905).

You can choose from four colors – mountain blue (8.7mm/210g) of nano skin and field green, ceramic black, and ceramic white (8.38mm/229g) of glazed ceramics.

Xiaomi 13 Pro

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