Xiaomi Instant Hot Water Purifier Q600 goes official; now available on pre-order for 2,999 yuan ($463)

Xiaomi has already launched several water purifiers in the market but today the firm has announced a new product in this category — Instant Hot Water Purifier Q600. It is touted as the company’s first water purifier to support for water heating functionality.

The Instant Hot Water Purifier Q600 is now also available for pre-order in the company’s home market China. Although it’s priced at 3,499 yuan ($540), it will be available for a discounted price of 2,999 yuan (~$463) during the pre-sale period.

It comes with a dual-core six-stage filtration technology and adopts reverse osmosis RO membrane and can achieve instant hot water at 30℃-95℃. It has a large flow of 600G and can fill a glass of water in about 6 seconds.

There’s also a precise temperature control function that comes in handy when brewing different drinks. To avoid the problem of aging water, when the water usage is stopped, the internal water will return to the RO membrane.

The product adopts “thick film heating technology” and has a heating device in the faucet pipe to realize instant heating when used. The faucet has a dual-pipe design, and room temperature water and hot water are separated.

At the top of the product, there’s a touch panel control for easily adjusting temperature and water volume as well as a child lock function. The Q600 PPC filter element is recommended to be replaced once a year and is priced at 199 yuan.

Additionally, the RO reverse osmosis membrane is recommended to be replaced once every three years, and the price is 699 yuan. The Instant Hot Water Purifier Q600 offers free on-site installation and can be connected to the Mi Smart Home platform.



Via: gizmochina.com

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