Xiaomi launches an LED makeup mirror with illumination 95% as bright as daylight

Xiaomi has launched a wide array of product that cuts across various aspects ranging from smartphones to smart home products and other accessories. The company has added yet another product to its arsenal and it is an LED-packing makeup mirror. The mirror is manufactured by the Shenzhen Yue Life Smart Home Co., Ltd. which also provides after-sales service.Xiaomi LED Makeup Mirror

There are a couple of makeup mirrors in the market and even has a few on its shelf. But this model comes with touchscreen control and the LED is said to provide brightness up to 95% similar to daylight.

The LED Makeup mirror packs a 6.7-inch high-definition silver-plated mirror with high reflection performance. The mirror provides a clearer, brighter and true reflection with no color cast or distortion.  It is surrounded by LED lamp beads that are designed with three brightness levels; low, medium and high. The innovation in this model is that the brightness level is adjusted via a touch-sensitive switch on the mirror. The LED lamp beads are durable and energy-saving and don’t need to be replaced. The soft light doesn’t hurt the eyes and meets different makeup and skin care needs.

The mirror’s LED lamp beads are powered by a 2000mAh battery which is rechargeable. The charging cable is on the base and to avoid unnecessary obstruction. The base is detachable so as to make it easy to carry around. The device also comes with a magnetic detachable concave mirror which provides up to 3x magnification of objects.

The mirror is priced at 149 yuan ($21) but there is no word on availability.

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