Xiaomi makes breakthrough in battery tech allowing 10% increased capacity and +100 mins of battery life

yesterday announced a new breakthrough in battery tech which shrinks its size by 10% percent, allowing for denser batteries under the same volume and effectively increasing battery life by a decent 100 minutes.

The new-gen battery technology utilizes “battery-level high-silicon lithium supplement technology” for the first time, using which the silicon content is increased by 3 times. A lot of the reduction in space the new battery needs also has to do with how the PCM (protection circuit module or board) is aligned. says that the PCM no longer lies flat. Rather, it is at an angle of 90° to the battery cell which saves quite some space.

xiaomi battery tech breakthrough
L: Conventional battery packs; R: ’s new battery tech

In addition to that, the battery is also equipped with a special ‘fuel gauge’ chip. It makes use of self-developed algorithms and analyses underlying data to offer enhanced safety. Night-time charging behavior is monitored as well to avoid a long-term full charge state and slow down battery aging. Not only that, the battery can even detect high-temperature seasons and adjust its temps accordingly.

Mass production of the battery will commence in the second half of next year, which could mean that we’ll be getting phones featuring the battery tech in around late 2022.

Earlier, an industry insider had revealed that is currently testing an upgraded 100W flash charging tech for large battery capacities that will not only boost charging times significantly but will also seriously consider battery longevity.


Via: gizmochina.com

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