Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold disassembled & used to build tiny Shanghai model by artist

Smartphones today are media powerhouses that can do so much more than what they were initially designed for – calls. They have managed to make other devices like clocks, cameras, navigation devices, credit cards, and even laptops redundant.

But who could’ve possibly thought that a smartphone like the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold can also be used to build a tiny model of a part of the Shanghai city itself?

In a new promo video posted on Weibo, the Mi Mix Fold has been stripped down to its tiniest components. It isn’t a usual disassembly video though.

An artist has used the phone’s parts to build a model of the Shanghai Pudong area complete with the famous Shanghai bridge and the Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower. But what’s cooler is that all of the models can be fitted into a tiny globe that also appears to be made of the Mi Mix Fold.

Of course, the poor phone is beyond reassembly now. But with a model this beautiful, it’s pretty clear that the ‘sacrifice’ has not been in vain.

The model is very much along the lines of the Mi 11 disassembly video from early this year where the phone was turned into a dragon sculpture.



Via: gizmochina.com

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