Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera SE PTZ Version goes official for 149 yuan (~$21)

Xiaomi product lineup cuts across all categories. In the smart home segment, the company has several surveillance cameras as well as action cams. The brand has recently launched a new PTZ camera which happens to be the cheapest of its model so far. The model is dubbed Mi Smart Camera SE PTZ version and is priced at 149 yuan (~$21).

The new camera is the fourth of such PTZ camera that Xiaomi will be releasing. Prior to this, Xiaomi Smart Camera is available in three PTZ camera models: one with 1080P resolution, a 2K resolution (1296P) version and a Pro version (1296P). The Mi Smart Camera Pro is even available on Giztop presently.

This model doesn’t have the automatic vertical pan/tilt control but you can manual tilt it vertically. However, it supports automatic horizontal rotation. The camera is equipped with a 2-megapixel camera that can shoot 1080P high-definition video. It uses WDR technology, which allows the screen to retain more details even if it is backlit.

It has a 940nm infrared fill light. By optimizing the arrangement and optical structure of the fill light, the brightness of the fill light is more uniform and the night vision permeability is stronger, ensuring no red exposure at night and no visual pollution. Mi Smart Camera SE PTZ version

The Mi Smart Camera SE PTZ version uses a new generation of H.265 video encoding technology. The bit rate is 50% lower than before. Users can watch 1080P HD video smoothly even under 1M uplink bandwidth. The camera supports 32GB external storage but you can also use Network-attached storage (NAS) or cloud storage. The historical records stored in the Micro SD card can also be played back at 1x, 4x and 16x speed, making it easy and faster to quickly scan through a video.  Mi Smart Camera SE PTZ version

In addition, the smart camera comes with humanoid detection features meaning it identifies humans. This ensures the camera doesn’t raise a false alarm due to movement of pets, wind, grass or other objects.

The Mi Smart Camera SE PTZ version is now on sale on Xiaomi Youpin.



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