Xiaomi MIX 3 5G with Windows 11 successfully enables GPU acceleration

Recent reports reveal that the Windows 11 ARM flashing project has made new progress. According to reports from China via a Weibo tech blogger, @Sunflower2333, the Xiaomi MIX 3 smartphone has been flashed into Windows 11 ARM. Furthermore, the smartphone with this system currently supports GPU acceleration. Previously, Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL, Mi 8, 6T, Mi MIX 2, Mi 6 and other mobile phones have supported the Windows 11 ARM system.

Windows 11

has officially stopped supporting Windows 10 Mobile. However, with the efforts of the WoA project developers, there will still be developers to flash the new system for the old models. A group of independent developers has been maintaining an unofficial Lumia Windows on ARM project for the past few years, and it’s Lumia WOA, as provides a Windows 10 version compatible with ARM devices. Now that Microsoft has released the Windows 11 ARM version, there are new systems to try.

Win11 is now widely deployable

recently announced that Win11 is now available for broad deployment. This means that any PC with Windows 11 minimum configuration requirements should be able to install the system. officially released the Windows 11 system more than seven months ago. Although there were many problems with the system at first, with the introduction of more cumulative updates and the upgrade of more devices, most of these major problems have been solved. Presently, the system is now safer to install. 

Just a few weeks ago, announced that the 21H2 version of Windows 10 was also widely available for deployment. This update for Windows 10 was released around the same time as Windows 11. Nevertheless, because it was a much smaller update, it was naturally ready for widespread deployment earlier.

If you do not have Windows 11, you should be able to get Windows 11 updates by checking for updates in the Settings app. Of course, your computer will need to meet the minimum requirements to run this operating system.

In another report,  Teams is finally on the Microsoft Store on Windows 11 and Windows 10. Users can now head to the Microsoft Store and download and install the app directly from there. Previously, Microsoft Teams was available for download on the website, but now it is also available through the Microsoft Store.

It’s worth noting that the Teams Store app on Windows 11 only supports work and school accounts. Windows 10 Store users can run Microsoft Teams with business accounts as well as work and school accounts. Microsoft Teams will continue to get new features in the coming months.

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