Xiaomi phones do not feature hidden censorship tools: German IT group

Back in September 2021, Lithuania had accused of selling their smartphones with supposed codes that would allow the company to censor certain terms. The brand has since denied this accusation, and now, another agency has backed up its claim.

For those unaware, we had previously reported on the Chinese tech giant facing allegations in the country, with the government asking users to throw away their smartphones from Chinese brands. Apparently, smartphones from could detect certain terms and censor them. To dispute this, the company had even hired a third party cyber security expert as well.

And now, a German IT watchdog group had also begun its own investigation into the matter. This group found no evidence of adding censorship tools to its phones. The IT group added that “As a result, [we were] unable to identify any anomalies that would require further investigation or other measures” (Via Reuters). In other words, it is clear that there is no evidence that would back up the accusations from the Lithuanian government.

Xiaomi store China

It was claimed that using terms like “free Tibet,” “long live Taiwan independence,” and “democracy movement” were sensitive terms to some Chinese citizens, and the brand added software to identify and censor them. It remains to be seen how Lithuania responds to this report. But, it is still a win for the smartphone brand that received a hit in the region. Unfortunately, hasn’t responded to this news either, but stay tuned for more updates.


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Via: gizmochina.com

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