Xiaomi’s Latest Patent Details a Foldable Display Smartphone with a Slider Cover Display

Smartphone makers like Samsung and are working towards making smartphones with foldable displays mainstream. In the meantime, we have also seen other variations like ’s Dual display on Surface Duo. Now has filed a new patent detailing a new slider foldable display design with the CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration) in April.

Xiaomi’s latest patent reveals a foldable display with a slider cover display. It looks very similar to the Galaxy Z Fold series. The exciting bit is that the selfie camera is hidden from view. It is not present on the inward folding display or the outer cover screen. Furthermore, there is no notch or punch hole that houses the selfie camera. In all likelihood, Xiaomi will use an under-screen selfie camera on future foldable devices.

Also noticeable is a quad rear camera setup with a power key and volume key on the right splice. Meanwhile, the SIM card slot sits on top alongside a microphone. In other words, there is nothing unique with the placement of volume rocker keys or the SIM slot.

One of our biggest concerns is the price. Yes, Xiaomi is known for offering class-leading specifications at affordable price points. But this is something that will not be possible for a foldable smartphone. Firstly, the foldable display is already expensive, and adding another external slider display will only further inflate the cost. Moreover, the smartphone will end up looking ugly and bulky. Lastly, smartphones with foldable displays face durability issues, which need to be addressed. We hope Xiaomi comes out with a new affordable smartphone with a foldable display.

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Via: androidbeat.com

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