Xiaomi’s MIUI surpasses 600 million monthly active users globally

, the Chinese mobile phone giant, has been a popular brand among the masses for its cheap yet decent mobile phones. Along with the hardware, Xiaomi has also been investing in software development, which is evident from the success of its custom skin, MIUI. MIUI is a highly customizable, feature – rich Android skin that has gained immense popularity among Xiaomi users and beyond. 

Xiaomi MIUI

According to Xiaomi, as of three days ago, the global monthly active users of MIUI exceed 600 million. This means that it took the company about 18 months to move from its previous 500 million milestone. Xiaomi MIUI officially hit the public in August 2012 and since then, it has been growing. The company used the last 12 years to gather  600 million monthly active users. This is quite impressive. 

MIUI Global Monthly Active Users

As of December 11, 2022, Xiaomi recently announced that MIUI's global monthly active user base hit 564 million. This is a huge increase from the 500 million users in November 2021. 

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Xiaomi MIUI

One of the main reasons for MIUI's success is its highly custom and feature – rich UI. MIUI offers a wide range of custom options, including themes, fonts, and icons. The skin also comes with a host of features that enhance the user experience, such as gesture controls, one – handed mode, and a built-in app lock. Also, MIUI includes Xiaomi's proprietary apps, such as Mi BrowserMi Music, and Mi Video, which add to the overall user experience. Another reason for MIUI's growth is Xiaomi's massive marketing strategy. Xiaomi has been expanding its reach to new markets. 


MIUI's growing user base is a testament to Xiaomi's commitment to software development and user experience. The highly custom and feature – rich UI has been the key to MIUI's success. Though the MIUI system battle with bugs, so does other mobile systems in the market. Xiaomi's response to bugs on its system is very swift and this is another plus for the company. 

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