Yeelight W3 Bulbs Work With All the Platforms, Look Great and Cost Under $20 a Pop

Late last year, I checked out the M2 lightbulbs from Yeelight, a sub-brand of Xiaomi. Those light bulbs were plenty slick, and when Yeelight asked if I wanted to check out the latest W3 bulbs, I wasn’t about to decline the offer. They sent over a few bulbs and I’ve been playing with them for a few weeks. TL;DR: They’re easy to set up, look great, and are priced well.

For those who are familiar with those previous M2 bulbs, which were designed to be exclusive for ’s Seamless Setup, these W3 bulbs will work with essentially any smart home platform you’re using. Technically, they support 14 major platforms, including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung’ SmartThings, as well as gaming setups from Overwolf and Razer Chroma. Additionally, the W3 bulbs provide more colors over the M2 (16 million color support), plus they’re cheaper than the M2 bulbs.

For me, using them in my Home, the setup was straightforward enough. After downloading and setting them up via the dedicated Yeelight app, you can add them into your Home setup, then control the group of bulbs right from there. In the Yeelight app, you can choose different scenes and actions, similar to what you can do with Philips Hue bulbs. The main difference? Cost. Hue lights are still incredibly expensive, and meanwhile, competitors are flooding the market with products that can do the same stuff. Has Yeelight gone and replaced my Philips Hue Sync Box and accompanying Light Strips in my living room? Nope, but it wouldn’t shock me if they were working on it.

If you need yourself some more smart home lighting, I can easily recommend the Yeelight W3 bulbs, as well as the M2 bulbs I reviewed last year. Those are still working great for me, too. In a bit of excellent timing, all of the bulbs appear to be on sale via Amazon right now, saving you up to $6 on a pack of bulbs.

Buy Yeelight W3: Single ($16) | 2-Pack ($24) | 4-Pack ($52)


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