Yeelight x eWeLink: Making Smart Home Smarter

Yeelight, known for its expertise in smart home lighting solutions, has forged a strategic partnership with eWeLink. For those unaware, eWeLink is a smart home assistant app. It brings advanced smart home controls in an easy-to-use and intuitive package.

Being a universal smart home app, eWeLink supports over 2000 hardware brands. And Yeelight has joined the list. But, the partnership is unlike any other brand eWeLink has collaborated with.

As the R&D team from Yeelight says, “The collaboration between Yeelight Pro and eWeLink is great news for both Yeelight Pro users and eWeLink users.”

More About the Strategic Partnership Between Yeelight and eWeLink

Yeelight offers a wide range of smart lighting solutions. Positioned as the best smart lighting brand in the world, it has shipped more than 80 million products to 200 plus countries and regions. While each of the brand’s offerings has its own touch of uniqueness, they all excel in meeting the customers’ lighting needs.

Yeelight offerings

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Now, with this strategic partnership with eWeLink, the brand’s offerings will offer more convenient smart interactions for the users. The Yeelink Pro, in particular, is about to get the biggest upgrade. This integration will make the brand’s premium smart lighting product even smarter.

As the R&D team explains, “Consumers will find it as easy as pressing buttons to control Yeelight Pro lighting in the eWeLink app seamlessly.” 

Yeelight pro

This update from Yeelight is another exciting change that the brand has brought to its lineup. For context, the brand brought MATTER support before this. That simplified connectivity between other smart home devices.

The collaboration between eWeLink and Yeelight paves the path toward a future where smart homes become unified. It marks a pivotal point leading to a time when different devices from different brands can coexist together. And it will play an important role in making smart home more accessible and easier to use.


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