You Can Now Directly Google Search Dishes at Nearby Restaurants

Now Directly Search Dishes at Nearby Restaurants

You Can Now Directly Search Dishes at Nearby Restaurants

BY Ronil

Published 29 Sep 2022

makes finding specific dishes at nearby restaurants easier for you, whether it’s lasagna, dumplings, Italian food, or anything entirely different. It also adds a slew of new shopping features. The search giant, on September 28, announced this news in a blog post. This new search feature lets you look up a particular dish by simply typing its name and “near me” in the search option.

is improving digital menus by “making them more visually rich and reliable.” It’ll then show you a list of all the available options with images, prices, ingredients, and restaurants that have the searched dish. You also get options for searching for a vegan, vegetarian, or spicy version of that dish. There will also be a Highlights image carousel, and other dietary choices will be available soon.

The post says Google “combines menu information provided by people and merchants, and found on restaurant websites that use open standards for data sharing.” To achieve this, uses “state-of-the-art image and language understanding technologies,” including its Multitask Unified Model.

According to Google, “40% of people already have a dish in mind when they search for food.” So, is making its search engine a better place to browse restaurants. Initially, this feature is limited to the US, only in English, but Google plans a broader rollout in the coming months.

Makes Shopping Easier For You

In terms of shopping, typing “shop” and the item you’re looking for produces a visual feed of available products, research tools, and nearby supplies. Additionally, is making it easier for businesses to give a rotating 360-degree model by providing only a “handful of still photos.”

Furthermore, a new page insights feature will offer discount pricing updates in the upcoming months. In a post, says a new feature in the Google app shows you helpful context about a webpage you’re on or a product you’re researching, including its pros and cons, star ratings, and all in one view.

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