You Can Now Pin Conversations in Google Messages

Google is beginning to push a new function out to its Messages app, that being the ability to pin up to three conversations to the top, allowing you to quick access your go-to conversations.

To pin a conversation, you’ll simply long press on a thread while on the main page that shows all of your chats and then you’ll see a little pin icon in the top of the UI. Smack that pin button and the conversation is officially pinned for you. It appears you can have up to 3 chats pinned.

While this is a most welcomed feature, is a bit late to the party. Other apps, like Telegram, have been pinning conversations for a bit. Not that this is a race, I’m simply saying Google isn’t first here. Gosh, don’t take it personally.

This feature is live for build number 8.3.026. If you don’t see it, you’re not alone. is doing their slow rollout thing, even if you’re on the updated build. You can try clearing cache and force closing the app to gain access to the feature.

// XDA


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