You Can Now Use Nearby Share to Share Files With Your Other Devices

Nearby Share Allows to Share Files With Your Other Devices

You Can Now Use Nearby Share to Share Files With Your Other Devices

BY Ronil

Published 9 Sep 2022

has officially announced that the Nearby Share feature will soon allow you to share files between devices logged into with the same account. Nearby Share lets you easily share files between and Chrome OS devices after approving a share request. While the proposal to approve the transaction acts as protection on the device against unwanted files, it can be inconvenient to you if you’re sharing a file between your devices, as you’ve to approve the share request twice.

The new update to the Nearby Share aims to fix this issue. In a blog post, explains how you’ll only need to opt-in the first time you use this feature, after which all the transfer requests get approved automatically even if the screen on the other device is off.

While writing this, has not revealed the exact timeline for when the Self Share feature will be available or if it will be available on Chromebook devices. To recall, we first heard about the Self Share for Nearby Share back in January this year. Since then, we’ve seen this feature in action, but it’s still not accessible to the public. 

New Emojify Feature
New Emojify Feature

Besides Nearby Share, has also updated Gboard on with an ‘Emojify’ button. This feature is currently in the beta Gboard app but will be available to the masses soon. With this, you can type a sentence and hit the ‘Emojify’ button to add the emojis you’d like to add as and when needed.

There are also new additions to the Emjoi Kitchen, which allow you to combine two emojis into one new emoji. For instance, when you add a pumpkin emoji to a coffee cup, you’ll witness a pumpkin spiced latte emoji.

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