YouTube has a Fancy New Sports Page

Sports, one of the few outlets we have during tough times, are as important as ever for the mental health of so many of us. YouTube is clearly aware of that importance, so a new YouTube Sports page is here to bring us the clips, highlights, and moments in a more immersive format.

YouTube’s new sports page will bring the goods from the top sports leagues across the globe, as well as exclusive live games, and more premium content from athletes. Heading over there now should show you the new experience on desktop and mobile. It’ll arrive on TVs “soon.”

I can’t say I visit this sports page often on YouTube, but I do like the sections for all of the recent NBA game recaps, the top stories of the day, the randomness of a trending sports section, and live shows. As someone who didn’t turn to YouTube that often for sports, this could get me to more often.

To see the new sports experience, head over to

// YouTube


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