YouTube Music Gets Sweet New ‘Recently Played’ Widget

YouTube Music users running 12 can check out a sweet new Recently Played widget, thanks the latest app update that’s now rolling out. As its name suggests, the widget shows album art for recently played music, with a few size options available, too.

In the standard 5×2 layout, you get the album art, artist and song title, along with a pause button, like button, and five additional recently played cover arts. This widget can then be resized to show less music or more music. It’s pretty slick, if I may say.

If you’re not seeing the widget on your 12-running device, ensure you have version 4.55.55 from Play. So long as you have that, it should be there. If it’s not, force stop and relaunch the app.

More widgets, please!

// 9to5


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