YouTube Music on Wear OS Gets Tile, LTE and WiFi Streaming

Back in February, announced that YouTube Music on Wear OS would soon be able to stream music over WiFi or LTE without the need for a phone to be nearby and connected. Starting this week, Wear OS users will begin to see that feature arrive, as well as a new Tile for quicker access.

explains this streaming feature as one that’s available to YouTube Premium subscribers, so you’ll have fork out monthly cash in order to do this.

Streaming through your watch without a phone nearby means having access to 80 million songs and thousands of playlists, all from your wrist alone. is calling it a standalone app, and the “first” from YouTube Music to allow this experience. Well, yeah.

As for that YouTube Music Tile, once you have this latest YouTube Music update, the Tile should show up as an option to add. Like other Tiles, this one should simply let you quickly access whatever you are currently playing or to quickly browse music. To add it, you’ll swipe to the right where Tiles live, long-press, and then add it. You could also add it through the Wear OS app from your phone.

Let us know if you see it.


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