YouTube TV is suffering from a freezing bug that affects smart TVs

The YouTube TV app on smart TVs has been facing an issue across the globe. The service has been freezing up for many smart TV users. This issue even appears to be affecting people across different platforms as well.

According to a 9To5 report, users of smart TVs from multiple brands have reported on facing an issue with the TV app service. The freezing bug doesn’t just affect the content being streamed but also the platform itself. A temporary fix for the issue is to exit the app and restarting it from the home menu. As per the report, the issue first start surfacing a couple of days ago after the Roku update.

As of right now, this issue affects all sorts of streaming boxes, including Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, TV, Nvidia Shield, and others. Furthermore, the problem has also been affecting game consoles from the PlayStation and Xbox platforms, but the freezing bug has not been affecting smartphone and tablet users. Notably, the issue had first surfaced on Roku devices, with a common fix requiring users to remove the TV app from the device and reinstalling it.

Unfortunately, this might not be possible anymore as the TV app has been unavailable on the Roku Channel Store for months. But while had added a clever workaround in the standard YouTube app, its base service is also set to be removed from Roku next month, as both companies continue to feud.



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