ZTE files Design Patent for a Smartphone with Rotating Display Module

In order to make its offerings stand apart from the crowd, ZTE usually tends to make smartphones that have a distinguishing factor. One such example of this statement could be the gaming-centric Nubia Red Magic 3 which is the world’s first handset with a cooling fan.

Falling in line with the same strategy, ZTE has filed a design patent for yet another unique smartphone that has a rotating module on top. The concept of a swivel module is similar to previously launched smartphones (1, 2) from companies like Oppo and Gionee. However, the module on those smartphones had a camera setup on one side and earpiece on the other.

Whereas, the ZTE smartphone from the patent has both the camera setup and earpiece on one side while its other side houses a small rectangular display panel. The mechanical operation of the module is comparable to the Asus 6Z which has a motor-driven flip camera.

Clearly, the purpose of implementing such a design is to maximise the screen to body ratio. Besides, the patent suggests that the swivel module is equipped with sensors that are capable of locating the ear of the user. This allows the earpiece to be manoeuvred in a manner so that the audio output from the earpiece can be clearly heard regardless of the angle the smartphone is held by the user.

Unfortunately, the images of the smartphone’s backside are not shared by the source. However, it can be assumed that the selfie camera mounted in the swivel system will also double up as the rear camera.

Only time will tell, whether the ZTE handset from the patent turns into a reality or not. Having said that, the concept seems viable and ZTE could consider launching it in the near future. We will update you in that case, so stay tuned.


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